Pig Pen Trails Day 5

Olivia and I detoured our drive from Holden Beach to Winston-Salem Noble’s Grille by way of Wilmington to hit I-40.  Our goal was to make our way to Grady’s BBQ in Dudley, NC just south of Goldsboro.  But we found out from Jim Early (http://ncbbqsociety.com) that they are only open from Wednesday through Saturday, so we headed to Stephenson’s in McGee’s crossroads instead.


Stephenson'sStephenson’s was wonderful.  It was like a warm, old fashioned family styled restaurant where Olivia and I had a great lunch.  She had, as always whenever possible, the barbecued chicken.  It came with two sides, cabbage and mashed potatoes.  I must say, as a chef, that the mashed potatoes were as good as I have ever had out in a restaurant.   They were very good and I was pleasantly surprised.  I had the chopped BBQ sandwich and it was very moist and had great flavor.  One of the best so far.  The hushpuppies were also very good.  Our bill was only $10.  What a great deal.  The sandwich was only 2.65.  This place makes you feel warm and fuzzy on the inside.

Back in the car, Olivia and I headed to Chapel Hill for great Q at Allen and Son on Highway 86, just north of I-40.  Instead of heading towards Chapel Hill on 86 off of 40, head the other way.  It’s about 1 1/2 miles on your left, right before you cross the railroad track.  I ordered Q to go, coarse chopped/pulled and for Olivia, a coconut chess pie.  The Q was wonderful, with a good smokey flavor and a nice sauce.  I was only going to taste, so I hid it from myself in the back seat floorboard, but I found myself reaching around to get more.  The coconut pie was really fine and Olivia wouldn’t hardly give me one bite.  I don’t blame her however, judging from the miniscule taste she gave me.  The girl loves sweets and this pie was spot on.

Allen & Sons

Allen & Sons

We hit Noble’s Grille in Winston-Salem soon after and shared the rest of the Q with the staff who found it to be wonderful as well.  This Q gives inspirations to a well heeled chef, Phil Barnes, the new exec chef at the Grille.

That was all for this trip.  Will be back out soon.

I did have cardiological stress test and my arteries were in great shape.

Bon Cue Appetit!


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