Pig Pen Trail – Day 7

Well I started our really excited about going to see my old buddy and fraternity brother Fred Nelson, better know as Fuzzy of the famed “Fuzzy’s BBQ” in Madison NC.  Fuzzy now runs the BBQ wholesale business in the building directly behind the restaurant  and leases the restaurant to someone else.  He still however owns the business, trade name, recipes, etc.. and I am glad of that for him.

Fuzzy’s is the namesake of Fred’s father, who after having his hat shot on a hunting trip leaving it tore up and fuzzy received the name after putting it back on his head.  Big Fuzzy opened the restaurant in 1954, using the tried and true methods of hickory and oak pit cooked BBQ shoulders, western style.  They also smoke whole hams for slicing.  The restaurant has been in the family ever since.  All of the recipes are the ones developed and created by big Fuzzy himself, with I am sure help from young Fuzz.

Original Fuzzy's

Original Fuzzy's

Fuzzy was cooking Boston butts in the wholesale operation when I arrived just before 8 am and just beginning to take them out to process.  Fuzzy has received a lot of press by selling NC pork BBQ in the Big Apple.  Fuzzy was working on a new BBQ sauce when we went through the kitchens and he gave me a taste.  I told  Fuzzy I thought it was very good and asked what was in it – as chefs normally do.  Fuzzy looked at me a little crazy and said, “I can’t tell you that Jimma,” which is what Fuzzy calls me.  He put some of the sauce on the fresh pulled Q from the kitchen and gave me a 1 pound tube, and let me tell you that it was “outta here” good.

Fuzzy took me for a tour of the restaurant and particularly the pits and it was like looking into history.  The current restaurant was built to replace the original in 1974.  What a legend.

Look out for Fuzzy for he’s itching to do more, and he has my vote.

Fuzzy's Today

Fuzzy's Today

Thanks for the great info, teaching and insight Fuzzy!  And the next time I am in Madison, I’m gonna call Fuzzy on the way and have him put together some more Q with his special sauce from the wholesale operation.

Goobie, Goobie Fuzz!


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