Pig Pen Trails Day 10

Whispering Pine

Whispering Pine

Karen and I are taking our weekly trek to Winston-Salem on day 10 and decided to take the NC 52 BBQ highway from Albermarle to Salisbury.  Hearing Bob Garner talk about this trail had us excited because of the interrelated lore on this BBQ roadway.  Whispering Pines Barbecue in Albermarle was our first stop.  This place was opened in 1945 by Lonnie Doby, most recently operated by his widow, Lavada Doby, who passed in the last few years.  Wood fired BBQ, served chopped and good.   This place had a nice, old styled BBQ diner feel and the staff was there to make sure you enjoyed yourself.


Log Cabin

Log Cabin

Heading north out of Albemarle about 1 mile on the right you will find Log Cabin Barbecue, which was as clean as any BBQ joint we have visited to date.  They have a carport styled drive through in the rear which is convenient for pick up and take out.  Their BBQ was good as well.

Continuing north on 52 from Albemarle brings you to Darryl’s in Rockwell, NC.  This place has changed hands a few times over the years and just recently was back in the hands of Darrell Galloway himself, I was told.  However, this place is a classic NC BBQ restaurant with a rich history.  Even though the place was well worn, the chopped BBQ sandwich was very good.

 Our last stop on the 52 BBQ trail was M & K Barbecue & Country Cooking in Granite Quarry.  This is a newer spot, opened sometime around 1990 and they are doing a good job with chopped BBQ sandwiches. Ours was very good.

The best thing about the 52 BBQ trail was that all four restaurants were still cooking with wood.  What a great collection of wood-fired BBQ joints on a

Whispering Pines Woodpile

Whispering Pines Woodpile

small stretch of land between Albemarle and Salisbury – and the countryside touring was bucolic.  This was probably the only way to get Karen to hit four BBQ joints at one time and still look forward to dinner at Noble’s Grille.


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