Pig Pen Trails Day 11 & 12

Carolina BBQ

Carolina BBQ

Oftentimes when we are hot on the BBQ trail, we come across great local Carolina cuisine which we call “Carolina Road Cuisine.”

On day 11, Karen and I struck out for Noble’s Grille on our weekly journey to Winston-Salem on what seemed like a great day for Barbecue.  On our way we also hit the “Carolina Road Cuisine” side road rabbit trail.  These side journeys are what happy days are made of.  But let’s talk about the Q.

Our first stop was in Statesville on I77 near I40 to a place called  Carolina Barbecue, which was opened in 1985 at its present location by Gene and Linda Medlin.  Carolina Bar-B-Q uses only whole shoulders and they chop the meat by hand which has been cooked over hickory coals in a pit.  The Q was good, but the sauces which some “Q Bloggers” like, were not to my particular taste.  Our second stop was at Keaton’s BBQ and we will talk about this joint on its own blog, it was that good.  Man, where have I been to not have been here before – concentrating on haute cuisine?

Little Richard's

Little Richard's

Day 12 on the Pig Pen Trail took me to Little Richard’s Lexington Barbecue in Winston-Salem.  Somewhat skeptical on finding really good Q in the twin city on this rainy day, I picked up a coarse chopped BBQ tray to go.  I had a meeting at Noble’s Grille and it’s only a 5 minute drive from Little Richard’s.  Let me tell you, I was surprised at how good the Q really was.  I believe The BBQ Jew beat me here by just a few days.  One day I know I am going to bump into the Hebrew Crew as we do our due diligence for Carolina Q.  As I left Little Richard’s, I looked back to see the smoke curling up from the pit chimneys.  What a comforting sight, pig over wood fired pits.  Way to go Little Richards.

Join our next post on Keaton’s Barbecue on the “Carolina Road Cusine” rabbit trail!



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3 responses to “Pig Pen Trails Day 11 & 12

  1. Kake

    What great articles!! FOOD!

    I absolutely love a good foodie, writing prose of how,where,when…and then…and then…and then, the love of eating!!



  2. purplevoter

    Any chance you’ll be coming to Jim ‘N Nicks in Southwest Charlotte? We offer some stiff competition!!!

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