Carolina Road Cuisine – Keaton’s BBQ

Keaton’s BBQ

Keaton's Barbecue

Keaton's Barbecue

Somedays, when we are on our BBQ “Pig Pen Trails”, Karen and I will take a detour off the Cue School and look for what we call good ‘ole “Carolina Road Cuisine.”  Now we love BBQ, but we also like many different types of foods, and particularly those hidden gems found across our state in small towns known only by the locals.  We grew up on places like these and restaurants with great as well as local cuisine.  We recently stopped in Cool Springs, just south of Mocksville and found a great spot, which was told to us by Winston-Salem restaurant equipment mogul, Harry Gallins.
When Karen and I pulled into the parking lot at Keaton’s we knew we were in for a treat, and boy what a treat it was.  The place seems to be in the middle of farm country, not particularly near anyplace.  The outside appeal lets you know that this place is one of a kind.  We were  amused by the signs they had posted inside, like “please don’t take any photographs of employees” among others.  You order and pay at the counter and then sit down.  They will let you know when it’s ready.  We did not know what a great treat we were in for.

Mr Keaton

Mr Keaton

We ordered the BBQ chicken.  Now Keaton’s made our “Carolina Road Cuisine” section because they do not cook BBQ pork, only chicken.  From what we were told by Harry and from what we tasted, the chicken is first fried and held.  Once the order comes in, the fried chicken is submerged in hot Keaton’s BBQ sauce, which is very good.  The chicken was moist, seasoned very well and delicous.  This may be the best BBQ chicken we have ever had, next to ours of course!  We ordered macaroni and cheese as well and it was off the hook!  We also enjoyed the green beans, but feel pretty comfortable saying most anything you may order here will be great!
I can’t believe we lived in Davidson County for so long, not to mention that we were in the High Point and Winston-Salem area most all of our lives and had never heard of Keaton’s.  That’s why we want to blow the horn and let you know.  It’s worth a trip.
From Charlotte, take I77 N to I40 E and travel about 5 miles and take the second exit for 64.  Go right on 64 S, take a left on Cool Springs Road (SR 1003) and travel a few miles.  Keaton’s will the only thing on your right.  You can’t miss it.  And we are sure you will be back.  What a Carolina gem!
Keatons Door

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  1. Karen

    sounds like a great place!

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