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Carolina Road Cuisine – Squeeze Box


The Squeeze Box

Once again on the Pig Pen Trail, we have gone down a rabbit trail on the “Carolina Road Cuisine.”  This time we have come across a legendary cool place , The Sandwich Shop in Pilot Mountain, better known as “The Squeeze Box.”  I was with a lot of my fraternity brothers from NCSU for a golf benefit/weekend fund raiser for our beloved Bruce Lowe better known as “Thick” and  “Moose.”  The “Moose Lowe” outing is our annual get together in memory of “Bucket Head” whom we dearly miss.  He was from Pilot Mountain, or more specifically from Westfield.  Friday morning before we played golf (after I had been all over “The Knob” and Mount Airy looking for a good espresso coffee) a few of us PIKAs went together for a quick and early lunch as we toured the fair city of Pilot Mountain.  I had noticed The Sandwich Shop on my coffee hunt, but had no idea that I would return for lunch.  This place is a classic.

Original Store

Affectionately known as “The Squeeze Box” because of its tight quarters, this place is a hotdog & burger classic.  We each ordered two hotdogs with mustard, chili and as “Big Mike” would say “take a stroll through the garden” which means add the onions.  We did and I am here to tell you that these were great dogs and an awesome spot that would deserve you going out of your way to visit.  Big Mike’s brother Mark, I am told will take a bi-monthly, if not weekly trek to the “Knob” just to have the dogs and burgers at “The Squeeze Box.”

Dickie & Whitney

The “Squeeze Box” has been opened since 1953 and is owned by Dickie Crump who started there on summer break from then High Point College.  He went on to buy the Sqeeze Box and has had it ever since.  I have attached an ariticle from a local paper and I hope you enjoy reading about the Sandwich Shop as much as I enjoyed eating here.  Thanks to Dickie and his daughter Whitney Crump, who also serves as a local magistrate.  This is the kind of place we all look for in Carolina Road Cuisine!

Little Man, Chink, George "Mule Face" & Big Mike

"The Squeeze Box"