Lexington #1

I am truly looking forward to going to one of my favorite true NC BBQ joints this week as we continue our journey on “The Pig Pen Trails” in North and South Carolina.  See our My Hog Blog about Carolina BBQ and Carolina Road Cuisine as we prepare to open our own, true, Carolina, artisanal, wood smoked BBQ joint here in the heart of the Queen City, Charlotte, NC.

Lexington #1

Going with me tomorrow on the “Pig Pen Trails” will be future exec chef/pitmaster of our BBQ joint, Ben Philpott (now at Rooster’s), Rooster’s exec chef Joe Kindred and Peter St Onge of the Charlotte Observer.  We are meeting with owner and founder of Lexington BBQ #1, Wayne Monk and his son Rick.  Lexington # 1 has been in business since 1962.  Wayne Monk trained under Warner Stamey in the 50’s before he opened his own BBQ restaurant on I-85 (now the I-85 by-pass).  He is an icon in the BBQ world and I am honored to have time with him tomorrow and enjoy some of his BBQ.  I believe his is the best BBQ in North Carolina, western style, and so far my favorite in whole state.  I have grown up on Lexington #1 BBQ and I am excited about our visit.

I’ll keep you posted!



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2 responses to “Lexington #1

  1. Please share this with bestofnorthcarolina.com, Parker’s won best barbecue by their voters—they clearly need education about Western Carolina bbq

  2. jake

    i grew up in high point and have been eating at honey monk’s (lexington #1) as long as as wayne has been cooking. imho there is no better pork bbq.
    i have tried all the other lexington bbq(s) and while there are many good ones, monk is still the best. i have eaten bbq across the usa and still return to lexington #1 for the best.

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