This is a BBQ, charcuterie, pork blogsite from me, Chef Jim Noble.  We are currently doing an in depth study on Carolina BBQ as we make plans for a 20 year old dream to own and operate an authentic Carolina BBQ restaurant.  We will give you the lowdown on the BBQ joints we visit and will not negatively critic any of these operations.  We are also taking side journeys or “rabbit trails” off the Pig Pen Trail to discover Carolina Road cuisine – those cool places and joints the locals know about and you hope to!  If you know of some or have some BBQ suggestions, by all means make comments or contact us at jbnoble@noblesrestaurants.com .

I look forward to sharing with you and please pass the info along to your friends and fellow BBQ and local comfort food fans.  I will truly appreciate your feedback.


3 responses to “About

  1. Lets find a location!!!

    Have some great old wood for the tables.
    as a matter of fact,the wood is custom finished for the store Anthrapology.Its old white pine with a lime wax look,distrressed and looks like old barn floor wood.Cool

  2. MB

    Jim–growing up in Eastern NC (Goldsboro), I can certainly appreciate great Q and have enjoyed reading your blog. Can’t wait for you to get your “joint” up and running! I do not even know if it is legal to do anymore but there used to be a great place in Goldsboro (closed for many years now) that had their version of a BBQ carving station, right in the restaurant! A half or whole pig, pig-pickin’ style, right there in the middle of the restaurant for you to “pick” from! What a treat!

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