Jim’s List

Rolling Rooster Shoulder

Rolling Rooster Shoulder

Here is a list of the BBQ joints that I think are really great!  You may think I have passed someone up, but I have only tried about 25 so far.  If you have any suggestions, please let me know.  As I continue to cross the states of North and South Carolina, I will add any that are truly noteable:



Western BBQ:

  • Lexington #1 (always consistent and my favorite for course brown chop)
  • Cook’s
  • Allen & Son

Eastern BBQ:

  • Skylight




  • Little Richard’s
  • Speedy’s BBQ


  • Stephenson’s
Jimmy's BBQ

Jimmy's BBQ


4 responses to “Jim’s List

  1. Bo

    Jimmy who? You startin a Q joint?

  2. Chef you have got to hit 12Bones in Asheville NC

    Amazing Ribs

    The Pulled Pork is truly pulled, never chopped so it’s in big, luscious hunks

    The best sides you will find! No hushpuppies, tho 😦

  3. scott

    were is this bbq joint going to be should be great

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